Goodrich-Loomis Conservatin Area Field Trip

DSC_1308_00015Kite sailing high in the early spring air.

This week as a part of field trip I took my grade 6/7 class to the Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area for some kite flying and geocaching. As this coming week is my last week teaching this class before I officially finish my B.Ed required classroom hours at Trent University, I feel that this field-trip was a good ending note to my personal experience teaching in small town Ontario. I have to admit it’s a bit hard to imagine that my ten weeks in Norwood are coming to an end, it’s been a different world and a world that I’ve come to truly enjoy. But like all things it must come to an end, sadly it must…

DSC_1277_00003 Ice’d over trails in early April.

DSC_1293_00008 Cold creek flowing through the conservation area.

Seeing all of my students out in nature was inspiring, granted these are all kids who live in nature far more then those from a big city but none the less it was inspiring to see them run around and discover new things. The big perk of the day was the geocaching challenge that involved learning GPS navigation. I’ve never done it before myself and it was a hoot to try. As for the conservation area, it’s beautiful. The creek that runs through it is said to have trout, I think I’ll have to make a trip one day and fish here in hopes of catching some brook trout.

2 thoughts on “Goodrich-Loomis Conservatin Area Field Trip

    • There is deer, they’re quiet common in southern Ontario. Bear however is not, you’ll get the rare one or two that make their way down but as far as I know there is no permanent bear population in the area.


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