Burleigh Falls and Higher Education

12087408_10156105856410066_1162104087_nThe new digs for the next two and a half weeks.

 Home is where you pitch your tent.


The quote above is one that I’ve refereed to half-hardheadedly before to friends. Well it looks like it’s becomes a short-term reality for myself and my girlfriend. With my time at Trent University coming to an end and the eventual move out of Peterborough inevitable, I’m now living in a tent. Well as a part of our very last optional university placement, we’re up here in Burleigh Falls living on the shore of Lovesick lake learning about Aboriginal and environmental education. Well it’s pretty cold and cloudy this week so time will tell just how much fun this little adventure will be. We’re going to be here for a while……


2 thoughts on “Burleigh Falls and Higher Education

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