A Book Worth Reading:


Toronto’s Ravines and Urban Forests by Jason Ramsay-Brown

This week I caught a cold of some sort that just knocked me right off my feet for about a 24 hour period. Staying in bed for the duration of an entire day and gawking at a television screen is not my idea of fun. So I mustered the little energy I had and got my sorry behind to my local book store to get a book to read. I’ve been eyeing this book by Jason Ramsay-Brown for a little while. Luckily my local Chapters had several copies on hand, which which was strange as they usually don’t have any copies of any books I’m looking for. Once I got my hands on the book, I got through the entire 180 odd pages in a day, it was an easy and interesting read. Granted I’m bias as the subject matter is something that I’m very interested in personally.


A map of the profiled parklands in Toronto.

The book is well written and sub-dived into 29 parkland profiles for easy digestion. I won’t give up any of the content of the book as I think that everyone should have a chance to read it themselves. I personally enjoyed as it profiled several of my personal favourite parks, it was well researched and gave me a lot of previously unknown information about the areas that I’ve known for years. I found myself reading and following google maps and doing internet searches along the way. It amazing the amount of environmental impact we’ve had on the local environment in the last 150 or so years. The book has also given me new ideas for areas to explore and photograph. The love for nature and spirit of conservationism does not require a travel to far off locals, but only the willingness for discovery and a sense of adventure in your own backyard.

2 thoughts on “A Book Worth Reading:

    • I highly recommend it. I’ve looking at a oxbow section of the Don river to explore next. It as apparently cut off during the construction of the DVP. I’ve grown up in the area and been near there many times but never knew it existed.


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