Winter is upon us – Favourite pictures from last Winter.


February 2015, the winter chill descends on Toronto.

Winter is rearing it’s ugly head in southern Ontario. This past week Toronto got a very, very mild dusting of snow (if you can call it that). Needless to say with the leaves gone, the trees are just bare-bones of their former majesty. Sunlight has become scarce and the dull gray of the long winter night is descending. I’ve never been the biggest fan of this in between season. There are no leaves left on the trees and the snow has yet to arrive and mask the dead foliage scattered across the ground. Usually I would have taken to hibernation during this time of the year. But I’m attempting a different approach, finding beauty in winter. To this effect here are some of my personal favourite photographs I took from last winter. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to take may more this winter as well.


7 thoughts on “Winter is upon us – Favourite pictures from last Winter.

  1. Wow! I hate this dead season as well… It’s still “green” here, no snow not even the need to sand the roads. I’ve scraped my car window twice. A huge contrast to me shovelling for hours this time last year. I miss the snow though. This season where the sunlight hours shorten but it still looks nice and fall-like messes with me. I want to be ice fishing 😦


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