Beavers on the Don River.


A beavers handy work, just a few hundred meters away from the DVP.

There are many strange and fascinating creatures that frequent the Don Valley in the heart of the city. From the occasional deer sighting on the side of the highway to cat eating coyotes that lurk out from the dept of the valley into suburbia for quick bite. I thought I can’t blame the coyotes, they’re hunters after all. Nature is stubborn and relentlessly in its defiance of modernity. So it should come with no surprise that beavers have managed to make a home in the valley. I’ve spend quite a bit of time recently exploring the Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve, a segmented stretch of the East Don river stretching from south of Lawrence Ave down to Don Mills Rd with a middle segment interrupted by the Flemmington Park Golf Course. I was exploring an area on the east bank of the river north of the Don Mills Rd parking lot.


Fog on the Don River, looking from the end of the gravel path.

There is a gravel path that snakes along the river for about two kilometers that ends abruptly on the river bank without any sign of a bridge or connecting path on the other side ever existing. Strange really, but it should not be much of a surprise as the path itself is not marked on google map and has no direct connection to the rest of the path system. It’s there that walking along the river I saw something swimming in the murky rain swollen waters, at first I thought it might be a salmon but that was not the case. Sadly the little critter got away before I could take a picture of him on this rainy dreary December afternoon.

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