Happy New Year!


Colonel Samuel Smith Skating Trail.

Happy new year one and all! I wish everyone all the best in the 2016! Better things are on the horizon! To celebrate the coming of the new year the girlfriend and I did something so stereotypically Canadian it’s almost cliche. We went ice skating. And since I’ve got the grace on ice equivalent to a beached whale, it makes for an interesting time. Good thing my girlfriend is a good sport and humors me in such outings and acknowledges to wider society that we are indeed together. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t, it would be warranted. But I digress. For the first time we went out to the west end to checkout the Colonel Samuel Smith Skating trail for a leisurely skate. This skating trail is the longest of the trails that are located in the city, and buy far the best skate I’ve had all season. At about 250 meter, the trail winders past the old powerplant building and through thickets of grass making for a relaxing way to slip into the new year.

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