Snowshoeing Practice at Heber Down Conservation Area


Treading through fresh unspoiled snow.

This week the GTA has finally gotten its first proper coating of snow this winter. So far the winter has been unusually unseasonable. It’s limited the outdoor activity choices that involve snow to some degree. But with the fresh coat of the white stuff, winter has announced itself once again. Granted there hasn’t been that much snow probably around 6-7 inches at the most, but it’s more then enough to get you craving the great outdoors. I’ve had a pair of snowshoes sitting in the trunk of my car for weeks now that have been crying out for snow and finally this week they could hit the powder. I took the opportunity today to get out to try them out for day at the Heber Down Conservation Area in Whitby. Heber Down is a lovely area with three short trails that interconnect, the snow on much of the trail was already packed down which made the snowshoes somewhat redundant. But as I’ve got a Algonquin winter camping / snowshoeing trip with coming up as a part of Humber College Outdoor Education program and I feel that I need the practice. Heber Down trails had some decent inclines and declines and lovely views over the Lynde Creek valley and the Devil’s Den pond. 



4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing Practice at Heber Down Conservation Area

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