Tobogganing in Riverdale


Because I’m an adult I do “adult” based activities in my free time. Like wearing matching snow-pants and jacket while riding a magic carpet down a hill.

Winter in Toronto has been a very fickle thing this year. It’s here one week with bone-chilling arctic temperatures and then mid-teen temperatures the next week. This past week the city got what could very well be the very last significant snowfall of the winter. I’ve been trying to enjoy the winter as much as I can but the weather hasn’t been the most co-operative. So this weekend  because and an adult, debatably so, although my drivers licence claims I am. The opportunity presented itself to take the girlfriend tobogganing at Riverdale Park, and so off we went with a pair of magic carpets.


Sport Tracker app data.. I’m impressed at the speed you can hit on a magic carpet.

The setup wasn’t complicated, all that was required was a pair of 3 dollar magic carpets and a matching snowsuit. The really impressive thing was the speeds you can achieve on a little piece of plastic, just over 40km per hour! But the time we arrived in the evening the east Riverdale hill was worn down to a mud pile and was not very usable, but the west hill still had some good snow on it. As it was late in the day we were also treated to a lovely late winter sunset over the city.

By the time it was all said and done an hour has passed by and it was time to leave. I’ve be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. The moments of winter wonderland have been a few and far between in 2016. But I guess my feeling of missing the snow and winter would be different if we had been consumed by it, but since we haven’t I’m feeling a little nostalgic.


The moment my girlfriend told me that tobogganing was over and I had to go back to being an adult (debatably)…. The disappointment was tangible.


9 thoughts on “Tobogganing in Riverdale

  1. Loved it. Also feeling nostalgic about the snow this year. I wasn’t around for any hole drilling or ice fishing at all. No hut + windy as hell all the damn time = no winter river fishing for this girl.


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