Gates Gully and views of Lake Ontario


Clear blue skies for miles.

This weekend has been one of the most beautiful weekends of this year in the city, it also helped that the last day of winter officially falls this weekend as well. I’d decided that I needed to get out to the Scarborough Bluffs and get a couple of good shots of the clear blue skies. My goal was to hit up the Gates Gully and Sylvan Park which have some phenomenal views of the lake.


Sadly the Gates Gully and Doris McCarthy trail were closed.

Once I arrived there, it seemed that the access point to the gully itself was closed off for trail work. The gully which was carved by the Bellamy Creek creates a deep and direct route to the lake through the escarpment. Sad as it’s the easiest way to access the beach some 100 meters down. There is a small side trail that snakes through the escarpment and hangs on the ledge of the cliffs but with the recent wet weather it did not seem a like a good choice.


No greater comfort than seeing such signs when you’re standing on a cliff’s edge.

The views from Sylvan Park were just amazing, the lake was clear and blue as was the sky. The field of vision just goes on for miles, the views make this a great place to sit on a bight day and enjoy the lake. The calm clear blue water of the lake has gotten me craving to get out on my paddleboard, I can’t wait for the warm weather to heat the lake up a bit so I can get out on the board and paddle the bluffs for a different vantage point. 



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