Early Spring in Glendon Forest


West Don River flowing under the old Bayview bridge with the new Bayview Bridge towering overhead.

The western branch of the Don river flows through an area of the city known as the Glendon Forest. This area is particularly significant as it is one of slivers of forest area the is left in the Don watershed and acts as an important throughway for wildlife that occupies the valley. With the recent rainfall we received, I knew that the river would be swollen and worth checking out. It’s amazing to see what a river that is usually a drip and trickle, turn into a swirling, racing menace.

The water levels on the western Don river were quite high and flowing very swiftly downstream. The river had eaten away at several trees on the bank, taking a few into the water. In one area in particular a blockage of debris forced the river the eat all the way into the opposing riverbank  creating a horseshoe shaped cascade of water with a large whirlpool that swirled at the bottom. 

For me one of the most fascinating features of this section of the Don river is the old Bayview bridge. A bridge that has been spanning the west Don river for around a century. It has been disused and abandoned since the 1930’s when the “new bridge” was constructed effectively orphaning this little bridge. Now it stands disused and disconnected. A relic to the days when the roads in this city took long winding strolls into the river valleys to cross the ever formidable Don river. Now this small one lane bridge stands as a testament to a simpler time in the cities history.


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