April Snow in Toronto Ravines


A small pond by the side of the Taylor Creek.

The image above is of a small pond by the Taylor Creek, now all snow covered. The Taylor/Massey Creek  is my usual stomping grounds and just last week this very same pond was free of all ice and snow. It’s amazing just what mother nature can bring to us. This weekend as Toronto fell back into winter I managed to get a few decent shots of both the Taylor Creek and Little Rouge Creek as the early spring snow fell.

The Saturday snowfall in the Rouge Valley was light but just enough of it fell to leave a mark on the trails. The Little Rouge Creek was running quite fast and signs of a recently elevated water levels was evident on the riverbanks. On the other hand the Taylor Creek park had a fine light dusting of fresh powder first thing on Sunday morning. While the layer of snow melted pretty quickly once the noon sun reared it’s head. The early morning briskness made for some lovely views and solid footing as much soggy ground was made solid by the morning frost.


4 thoughts on “April Snow in Toronto Ravines

  1. I really enjoy your images! First because of the subject matter you choose and secondly because of the numerous “hey, I remember that spot” moments! Oh, and I’m sure there’s a few more centimetres of snow on those locations this morning!

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  2. Amazing how the weather can change like that. Winter snow is foreign to me as I live in Queensland, Australia. That first image is particularly beautiful. I love the colours, textures and reflections combined like that. I hope spring returns properly for you. 🙂


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