All is Quiet in the Don Valley


Abandoned makeshift fire pit on the banks of the East Don River.

This weekend was a rare and special treat in the Don Valley. The DVP (a highway) that runs through the valley and strangles the area with congestion and noise pollution was shut down. This happens every spring in the city; the highway gets shut down for clean up and the Valley for a brief stint returns to a kind of “normality” that has not been felt or seen in living memory. To be in the valley devoid of the consistent dull humming of traffic is a phenomenal experience, the river bubbles freely and the songbirds serenade the trees freely.

One of my favourite area’s along the Don river exists in the Charles Sauroil Conservation Reserve. Running from the Don Mills Rd and the Forks of the Don along the East Don river north to Eglinton exists a rare stretch of relatively undeveloped valley. The river for most part can be seen flowing freely and lazily, towered by steep hills on its eastern banks. This section is devoid of formal groomed trails, but is well bi-secreted by numerous footpaths and mountain bikes tracks that snake along the river. As the trails winds along the river, several sections require several short walks live train tracks and a railway bridge crossing. Caution is required in these sections, the GO trains do run these routes daily. Once you get passed these sections you can choose to climb to the top of the valley to get a great view from the top of a hill overlooking the river and the railway bridge.


8 thoughts on “All is Quiet in the Don Valley

  1. Photos from the golden hour – a reminder that it’s called that for a reason!! The 2nd last photo with the trunk of the fallen birch tree in the foreground is a my favourite. It could just as easily been a sunrise photo. Beautiful.

    I imagine it was really special to be along the Don River while the DVP was closed. In hindsight, now I wish I had thought of it!


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