Trout Fishing on the Rouge River

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Little Rouge Creek with a recovered bicycle in the background.

The trout season has officially opened in Ontario this past weekend. It is the magical time of the year when you can get out on the rivers and streams to fish and enjoy nature. So I did just that by hitting the Rouge River to see where the fish were. I spent the majority of my time on the Little Rouge Creek working my way down the Rouge Valley to the forks of the Rouge River. This area stretching from Twyn Rivers Drive down to Kingston Road is lightly travelled and one of the last unspoiled stretches of river left in the City of Toronto. The river flows unimpeded, no gabion baskets to slow down erosion and little no any refuse dumped into the river… Well almost.

The Rouge river and valley are by far the least environmentally impacted waterways in Toronto. Much of it is still pretty wild, abet tightly squeezed by encroaching development. I don’t usually see dumped refuse on the river bottoms here, unlike the Don River where derelict shopping cars can be occasionally seen protruding for the river bed. So it was with some surprise when I found a pair of bright orange sun glasses in the sand and a washed up coconut on the rocks. I have no idea why a random coconut was in the river but it was not the strangest find of the day, that honour belonged to a mountain bike I fished out of the river. This by far had to been the strangest thing I ever found on the river. I got stuck on it fishing and once I realized what it was it took me some 20 minutes to fish it out from about 4 feet of water near a log jam. It looked in pretty decent shape for a Canadian Tire special, minus the busted handlebars, front brake and jammed front tire. I don’t know why or who would just ditch a bike in the river but it couldn’t have been there long, it had no rust on it. I fished it out and left it on the river bank as I made my way down to the forks of the river.

As I fished down toward the forks of the Rouge River I came across over a dozen trees felled by beavers. It’s amazing how these little buggers have made themselves at home in the city. But they were not the only ones at home here, I saw a mob of White Tailed Deer about half dozen strong foraging on a hill overlooking the creek. There was a lot of life in the valley, but sadly very little biting trout. As I made my way back up the valley I once again came across the Mountain bike I fished out of the river and attempted to carry it out of the valley. That thing was heavy and carrying it on my shoulder as I waded through the creek for a mile upstream was no fun. Once I got it to my car I realized that it wasn’t in all that bad of a shape, it needs a new handlebar and front brake. I think with a little TLC I could fix it up into something workable.


9 thoughts on “Trout Fishing on the Rouge River

  1. I like your version of fishing! … but I’m really curious as to how you managed to get it out of the water without going swimming … something I’m pretty sure you didn’t try at current water temperatures!!

    I’ve never headed south from Twyn Rivers towards Kingston Rd. I may need to try that one day 😉

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