Lazy weekend on the Gull River


Views from the trailer park.

This past weekend was a lazy rainy and even snowy weekend on Gull River in the Kawartha’s. A friend of mines parents own a trailer park on the Gull river, a beautiful little spot where they also go a couple of cottages for rent. This was the opening weekend, and oddly enough a snowy one at that, because let’s face it we live in Canada and why would it not snow in May? With the first weekend of the season a bunch of us made a trek out there to enjoy some nature, bonding and a refreshing swim… Okay… Well maybe it was just me who was looking forward to the last one.


My bright idea to take a dip off the docs.

With a steady drizzle of light rain and mixed flurries, and the temperature  bobbing around one to three degrees; I found no reason not to go for a swim. My girlfriend was brave enough to join me in the process, for the first dip anyways and then I went for seconds. That water was refreshing! The weekend overall was hampered by the weather and I didn’t see much are outside the immediate area. I do have to admit that this weekend gave me a new light on trailer parks. I’ve never understood the fascination with them, but after wandering around the park and seeing some of the set ups it’s really impressive. People are quiet innovative and put a lot of work into their units. Many looked nicer and more specious on the inside then some apartments in the city.


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