Mountain Biking in the Don Valley


View overlooking a deeper portion of Don Valley about 50 meter above the water.

The Don River valley is one of my favourite playgrounds. As surrounded as it is by the ever encroaching city, it still has its secrets. Like the fact that it has about 60-70 kilometers of mountain bike trails snaking up and down the valley. Since I’ve fished out the bike out of the Rouge River about a month ago, I’ve spent some time fixing it up and abusing it on the trails. During this time I’ve also discovered Trailforks and with the use of Strava I’ve been systematically tracking and mapping the missing trails and submitting them to Trailforks. So far I’ve added many trails to several unmapped sections, but I digress…

Some of the trails are quite narrow and treacherous, but none the less fun. The Don Valley has many interesting trails of which Dr. Quads is one of the most harrowing. All the pictures above are from the trail called Dr. Quads. One section in particular is a terror inducing traverse of steep towering cliff I’ve previously discussed. This trail has haunted me for a while, never quite having worked myself up to tackling the big cliff.

As seen from the photos above the cliff is quite imposing. As you climb to the top for a better view you can see the years of erosion have slowly encroached on the City Parks department located on top of the hill. The forces of nature have slowly been eating away at the earth, ever so persistently moving further inland. The effects of the degradation is evident on the trail as it slowly crumbles away from under your feet.

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