Canada Day Long Weekend at Grundy Lake


Meadows around Grundy Lake Provincial Park.

This Canada Day long weekend the girlfriend and myself went to one of my favourite parks, Grundy Lake Provincial Park. This was our first of two, possibly three trips to Grundy this year. I’ve been here several times before and it’s always been a great time. I’ve usually stayed on Grundy and Gurd lakes in the past but this time we took the chance and camped at Clear lake on the far east end of the park. The lake itself was small and lovely with pretty sunsets, the campsite was close to the water and had plenty of tree cover. The only issue was that there is about 400 meter of Clear lake shoreline that backs up onto Highway 69. This lead to intermittent muffled truck sounds radiating across the lake and breaking up the otherwise soothing silence.

We managed to get out to Grundy late on Thursday evening and arrived just after 9pm, with enough time to set up a tent and string up a trap for the rainstorm that was to follow on Friday morning. Sure enough when we woke up the rain was pouring, but the tarps over the tent and fire pit did a wonderful job keeping things dry. To keep things lively on a raining day the girlfriend and I did a mandatory visit to the Big Nickel in Sudbury as well a pilgrimage of sorts to the old Queens Athletic Field, a place that hold many fond football memories for me.


The haphazardly paracord strapped tandem canoe on the roof of my car.

Once the rains dissipated, we could continue on with the long weekend festivities such as trying to master the tandem kayak. I’ve never kayaked much, and when I have it’s always been solo. When we arrived at the Grundy Lake Supply Post we were regrettably informed that all canoes were spoken for and all that was left was the tandem kayak from hell. What the heck right! How hard could tandem kayaking be? Well the answer is damn hard… We could never get the damn thing to go straight, no matter what we tried the damn thing would just wonder about freely. To add to the misery Clear lake is quite removed from the other lakes in the park, making portaging impractical and requiring transportation to the other lakes. This in itself involved strapping the kayak onto the roof of my car with a paracord and driving 10km/h over bumpy roads as the kayak bobbed and danced on the roof precariously. The moral of the story is of course, don’t rent tandem kayaks.

With the rain and the tandem kayak challenges aside the weekend was a delightful retreat from the modern world. Lots of deer, baby foxes, beavers, tiny catfish, jaywalking moose and of course your ever friendly picnic basket stealing black bears. I tell you there is nothing better to get your heart racing then finding fresh bear scat on a trail when you’re well over an hour from the trailhead. We had a bear run out in front of our car and across highway 522 just outside the park and I have to say that was the biggest black bear I’ve ever seen. I was very happy to not run into him on the trail.


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