Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park


Kakabeka falls from behind the brush.

West of Thunder Bay along highway 11 and just about an hour’s drive from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, lies Kakabeka Falls. This relatively small provincial park houses a phenomenal natural wonder, Ontario’s second tallest waterfalls. The Kaministiquia River plunges in a dramatic fashion just south of highway 11, cascading 40 meters into deep gorge on its way to the great inland sea that is Lake Superior.

The watercourse that flows through the park was once an important portage route in the days of the the fur trade used by Coureur des bois and First Nations alike. A vital link connecting Lake Superior and Lake of the Woods further west, the falls were a mountain of an obstacle. The falls must have been an impressive and monumental challenge to overcome in the early days, and was aptly named the Mountain Portage. More photo’s can be found on my flickr account. Kakabeka falls are a definite must on any visit to North Western Ontario.


7 thoughts on “Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

  1. Awesome. We planned on visiting here on our way out west last month but storms came in and the rain wouldn’t stop so we kept driving – apparently that’s been the Thunder Bay summer of ’16 while the rest of Ontario is in drought…


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