The Don River Swells


A Night Heron stalks on the banks of the Don River.

The Don River is a generally subdued and defeated stream that flows down the middle of the city on its way out to the Toronto Harbour. It’s of little concern to most, it’s a mere trickle in places and has for well over a century been the city’s unofficial dumping ground of all this unwanted. It has been defeated and maligned in the annals of this city’s history, as we’ve build over and around it. But ever so often the river wakes up, it shows its true potential. This past week the city finally experienced some rain and the river roared back to life. The banks were spilled and the rapids were mercurial in their demeanor. The river was a force to reckon with once more, a force not to be challenged likely. In the midst of the thundering water, in the defiance of it all sat on a weir overflowing with murky fluid a small Night Heron. More pictures can be seen on my flickr account



6 thoughts on “The Don River Swells

  1. The Don River certainly isn’t what it used to be. It is refreshing thought that even though it flows through the heart of the city, it still and if only for a brief moment, spring back to something of its former self. Imagine the stories, if The Don could speak about what it’s seen and been though over the past hundred years or so.

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