Sunsets at Grundy Lake Provincial Park



Welcome to Grundy Lake Provincial Park

This post is from a bit ago, August long weekend to be exact. This was the second time this summer we’ve gone to Grundy Lake. I really do love this place, it’s small but summer just doesn’t feel like summer without going to Grundy. This time around we stayed at the White Spruce campground right on Gut lake, next to the large cliff where everyone is fond of jumping into the water. The site was conveniently located right next to the trail to the cliffs which was the big draw to the site but also brought heavy foot traffic to the area during daylight hours. Being situated on the smaller lake in the park had it advantages, you could easily swim across and the cliffs gave for some spectacular views.

This time around we didn’t make the mistake of renting a tandem kayak, we managed the get a canoe,Ā a 18 foot pure aluminum canoe. This has never been an issue before, except for the fact that our campsite had no direct water access and that White Spruce campground had not beach for launching canoes. The cliffs didn’t allow for easy access, so portaging was necessary. And let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve portaged a 89pound aluminum canoe for about a kilometers without the luxury of a yoke. Despite the unpleasantries of the forced labour that was the portage from hell, having a canoe was a welcome reprieve from the landlocked lifestyle. Finally the reason I love Grundy is its sunsets, what spectacular sunsets they are. More photo’s can be seen on my flickr.

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