Revisiting Peterborough County


Burleigh Falls cascade down the rapids.

Recently the girlfriend and I had the opportunity to revisit Peterborough County and more specifically the area north of the city, the Burleigh Falls.  This place has a very special meaning to both of us, we went to school here, we meet here and we both enjoy the Kawarthas. It saddens me to realize we haven’t been back here since we moved from Peterborough a year and a half ago.

Not much really happened on this trip, we just spent a lot of our time going around re-visiting places that we’ve missed, places that we haven’t seen in awhile. Even though the fall colour had yet to arrive in the Kawarthas, the scenery was none the less spectacular. The clear blue skies and the cool rushing water made me miss living up here. The city seems to distant up here and the rush of urban life washes away with the sound of rushing water. And of course no trip to Peterborough is complete without a visit to the lift locks. More pictures are on my flickr.

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