Thanksgiving weekend at the Bruce Peninsula


Abandoned farmhouse somewhere on the Bruce.

Thanksgiving is a special time in Ontario. Not just because it is a long weekend (which is sweet on its own) or the fact that it’s the only socially acceptable time of the year to eat pumpkin flavoured anything, but more importantly because it signals the arrival of the fall colours. This year the girlfriend and I spent ours visiting her father in his new property just outside of Meaford on the Bruce Peninsula.

The one neat thing about area around Meaford is that there is an active military base there. As you can see from the pictures above, the base can be driven onto in your personal vehicle and right at the front gate there is an exhibit of old military hardware. Personally I like the Challenger tank that I was sitting on, I feel that it would really improve my morning commute to work. Sadly there was no-one with whom I was able to speak to about the price. Finally the other reason to get to the base is the Irish Mountain lookout which is located right before you arrive at the gates, it gives you some of the most spectacular views of the Georgian Bay in this area.

Finally no long fall weekend would be complete without a fall hike to see the splendors of fall colours. There is a small non-operative park in the area that is an absolute must; the Devil’s Glen Provincial Park. A small park that occupies a section of the Mad River valley on the escarpment and connects to the Bruce Trail. The viewing platform gives a fantastic view of the valley and the ski lifts on the property of the country club across the rift. Be warned that the decent down from the viewing platform to the Bruce trail is a long and steep one, not a fun thing to do if you’re tired and having to make your way back up to the top where your car is parked. Also a great tip is to make sure your camera battery is charged before you reach the bottom, or else you’ll be like me and have no pictures to show for your effort. But the pictures that I do have can be found here on my flickr.


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend at the Bruce Peninsula

  1. The Meaford area was one of my favourites while hiking the Bruce Trail end to end, even though I would rate it one of the most difficult areas on the Bruce. I’ve only seen it in the dead of summer heat, so maybe my perception is based on the effort of hiking in 35+C temperatures. A fall version looks so much better!!

    It looks like the fall colours are at or very near their peak right now in this area. *sigh* I had hoped to get there this fall before the colours were gone.

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    • You’ve hiked the Bruce end to end?!?I have so many questions!! Did you camp while doing it?

      Also the colours in Ontario have been a bit spotty this year, the warm weather has played with them. Some areas turned red while three min drive from them are still red.


      • I have hiked the Bruce end-to-end, 3 years ago.
        We did it in day hikes averaging 17 km per hike. We didn’t camp … not that my hiking partner didn’t try to convince me otherwise. Actually, I don’t know if camping is allowed on the Bruce.
        Once our drive became 2+ hours one way, we started hiking in back to back days, staying in local motels.
        I’ve seen learned from other end-to-end hikers that the Bruce Trail web site has a list of local B&Bs which I think would be really nice.
        We also encountered one guy who was sleeping in his car.

        Hiking the Bruce was my introduction to blogging. I did a blog post on each hike at
        I’ve learned a lot about blogging since then, and I would have done it differently.

        If you’re interested, feel free to drop me an email at I’d be happy to try and answer any questions you might have. It was a wonderful experience and there are sections I would love to go back and do again.


  2. Meaford and the Bruce Peninsula are great locations. If you get the chance and maybe you have, take a trip along the Bruce Trail at Lions Head. Spectacular views. I hiked at Devil’s Glen on one of the hottest days this summer. And your right. Heading down that hill from the viewing platform is steep. Coming back up after 10 km in 100 degrees C – not some much fun. Great pics and write-up. Love the fall!!

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    • Lions head is one of those places that always seems to escape me, like the Grotto. Every time I go it’s always packed and I end up somewhere else. But yet the trail down in a big obstacle, I don’t want to imagine doing it in the heat of the summer.


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