The Lost Files: Earl Rowe Provincial Park


A Great Blue Heron on the Boyne River.

I’m calling the next few blog posts “The Lost Files,” not only because I like the sound of it but also because these were literally lost files. I’ve misplaced several memory cards over the summer and needless to say it’s caused me to mis out on writing about them. But since I’ve found several of them, I’ve had a chance to revisit those adventures and see if any of the shots were worth it. Once such adventure was the September long weekend at Earl Rowe Provincial Park.

Earl Rowe is an odd little park, it’s based around a dam and artificial lake on the Boyne River just under an hour north of Toronto. It’s located just outside of the town of New Tecumseth and surrounded by farmland. This was a last minute adventure for me as my original plans for the long weekend fell through and Earl Rowe provided a curious substitute. I’ve seen it on the map several times and thought about whether or not it would be a good place to go Stand Up Paddleboarding. So with a fishing rod and paddleboard in hand (or on the roof rack), off I went to see what’s what.

It’s weird camping in farm country. It’s not something I do often and it showed as I instinctively asked the girl working the park booth what the bear situation was like in the park. We all had a good laugh at that and then she promptly informed me that the only danger one could encounter in this area is a disgruntled bovine crossing a local sideroad. I camped in the Riverside campground which is separate from the main park and has its own entrance. It’s a bit of a hassle getting from the main park area, but being close to the river is an added bonus. Surprisingly for Ontario Parks, it was not busy during the long weekend and I couldn’t really figure out why. Yeah it’s not a big wilderness park, but it’s got a nice little lake and a neat beach, plus some hiking options. But the people just weren’t there, not that I’m complaining.

Overall it was quiet, something that I enjoy when I get out of the city. But also strange, some of the hiking trails would take you right to the end of the park property and the division between the park property covered in Trees and surrounding farmland is striking. To your right, forest, and to your left, an endless sea of corn. The river provided some paddling options as well as a chance to fish. The park to me really only works for a short stay, and I might use it for that next year as well. More pictures can be seen on my flickr.


9 thoughts on “The Lost Files: Earl Rowe Provincial Park

  1. Went there all the time as a kid in the 1970’s. Just day trips to go swimming and have a bbq but we lived in farm country and it wasn’t far away.


  2. It really is two different parks, isn’t it? We used to have family picnics in the day use area and it’s kind of grundgy. But, when you camp along the river, it’s a world away. Do they still promote the trail that goes up the hill that you can see the CN Tower from?

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    • Im not sure if its two different parks but the two camping areas are seperated by a regional road. I think the trail youre thinking of is the Tower Trail? Ive climbed it, its got a little platform on top, but did not notice CN Tower.


  3. I bet it’s been 25 years or more since we’ve camped there. Do they still have the large swimming pool complex? I think it was built due to water quality issues in the artificial lake. Always found it an odd place to camp, but a not bad location for a day trip.

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    • The pool is still there. And yes the “Lake” which is just a wider damed part of a river can get stagnant. I found it odd being there, but the fishing was pretty decent and it is close to other parks so next summer I might use it a launching point to explore the area.


  4. I went there once to take someone I support at work to go kayaking with “Abilities in Motion”. They had a mechanical lift right on the dock so people in wheelchairs can be lifted into a canoe or kayak 😆 It was an awesome day!


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