First Snowfall over Toronto


The Toronto Skyline as seen (or in this case not) from Tommy Thompson Park earlier today.

Well it looks like the good times are officially over in the GTA. The cruel touch of winter is upon us, the snowstorm’s have arrived. Well not so much a snowstorm but  A bit dramatic, certainly but that’s just how I felt when I was out earlier this morning while exploring Tommy Thompson Park. As you can see above the city skyline simply disappeared under the onslaught of snowy clouds. As you can see from a previous post on the park, the Leslie Spit offers some wonderful views of the city. A strange and happy co-incidence the spit has become. What was once envisioned as a outer harbour headland, made out of clean fill from construction waste of an ever expanding city, has been turned into a natural gem that looms over an ever expanding skyline. If you’ve never been I highly suggest you do, it’s a wonderful place to view wildlife as migratory birds make regular stopovers on the spit. But be prepared if it’s cold or windy, the spit is windswept and it gets treacherous.



4 thoughts on “First Snowfall over Toronto

  1. Wow! good times are officially over in that GTA? That’s horrible!! LOL. I think you need to get into winter camping!!! LOL. There are lots of good times to be had my friend! Winter can be awesome! Sometimes cruel but also very awesome! Happy wintering!

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