The Year that it was: 2016’s Favourite Photogrpahs


By far this would be one of my favourite and most popular photo’s (according to Viewbug) I took this year.

Well this year has come and gone, well almost… We still got a few days left, but I feel safe to say it’s a wrap! This year has brought a lot of adventure into my life and a lot of photographs to go with that adventure. I haven’t been around the blog for a bit because of adventure that 2016 has given me. In the last month and a half of 2016 I’ve accepted a job in a small northwestern Ontario community, a fly-in one at that. So needless to say the last months or so has been busy prepping for the leave up north, and the countdown is on, less then a week to go. 

Unorganized Kenora, I’ll be up there somewhere.

Choosing my favourite moments of 2016 isn’t easy since it decided to leave me with a big bang of a finish, a move to literally no where. But if I move past that my favourite memories of the year are those from my three week trip along the coast of Lake Superior. There a so many memories from those few weeks, such beauty and splendor that will forever be ingrained in my memories. Below are just a few of my personal favourite photos and memories. I hope others enjoy seeing them as much as I’ve enjoyed living them. Until next time, I wish you all joyous holiday season and a happy 2017.


10 thoughts on “The Year that it was: 2016’s Favourite Photogrpahs

  1. I shall miss your photos from the Don and around Toronto, but also look forward excitedly to your photos from the wilds of the Kenora region. What a great adventure!

    Good luck with your move, and your new job. Happy New Year Boris and best wishes!

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