Kiteboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Kiteboarding for the first time in over 6 years.

Greetings from somewhere tropical, for this I’ve replaced the Pine tree’s and snow with Palm tree’s and sand. As you may guess the only ice currently in my life is the ice that is in my drink. I’ve escaped the cold harsh climate of Northern Ontario this week and only this week to the sunny Caribbean and I can almost guarantee that mother nature will make me pay for that thrice over. This is my first trip even to the Caribbean islands, kind of strange I guess. I’ve never had the urge to do the touristy thing, but the girlfriend wanted to go and so we went. Luckily for me we’re staying in a self-contained apartment and not a resort so it’s not as crowded.


Getting a refresher course on kiting from an awesome instructor at Gokite.

So far the weather has been great, the sun has been relentless, and also the water is way saltier then I remember it ever being. The winds have been perfect and there are countless kites up in the air at any given time, kite and windsurfing are a popular pastime around here. And you can get I wanted in on the action. I actually own two kites and a board myself, but my equipment is old and I haven’t flown it in over six years. Luckily for me I got introduced to the good folks at GoKite Cabarete and they set me up refresher crash course, emphasis on the word crash and I did a lot of that.

397920_10151107834900066_715247513_n (1)

A picture of my old (red/white) Gaastra Force kite. Its been a few years and it still sits in my basement.

I personally own two kites, one a 10meter and another an 18meter kite and I got second hand about 9-10 years ago. Never flew them that much, didn’t have the skills to do much with them. But it was a fun time a friend of mine who got me into it used to do, so I followed his lead. Sadly once my friend stopped kiting, so did I. I just didn’t have the skills to do this solo, and never got lessons to progress. So since I was here I figured it was a good choice to give it another go, but with some proper instruction.


Crashing hard… That’s one of my skills, I’ve never met a kite I couldn’t crash.

This is an amazing sport to try, I’d recommend it to anyone. But beware it’s not cheap (equipment costs thousands of dollars) and it’s not simple. I spent several hours with the instructor reviewing proper kite flying, body dragging and simple board work. There is a lot left to learn and I spent more time drinking seawater then I did riding a board. Luckily for me I had on a PDF and wasn’t able to drown myself, despite my own best efforts. Getting up on the board reminded me of why I used to love doing this so much, there is a freedom to gliding over the water.


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