Dominican Republic Part 2


Odd looking Pine Trees… No wait it’s a Palm tree.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Too many distractions; report cards, lesson plans, EQAO prepping and computer issues. Ahh the job of being a teacher… But I figured I’d end what I had started earlier, and post some of my favorite pictures from my trip to the Dominican Republic. It was just around two months ago, but it feels almost like a lifetime ago by now. Being in Cabarate was wonderful time, the warmth was well needed, and sadly very brief. But it in the end was not real, it was just a tourist delusion. The tourist opulence is harshly contrasted by the crippling poverty that surrounds it when you leave the main strip. But regardless, it was beautiful all in it’s own way. More pictures on my flickr.

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